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TheG Quality | Designed and Made in Slovakia

Posted on February 06 2018

Where and how it was born

The idea of brand TheG was made up in my head more then 4 years ago . If I good remember it all started somewhere in year 2014. Like a young student of economy and management I was not giving so much attention to fashion, but long time ago I liked new design of long t-shirt. I was not sure about it, and what is the name of t-shirt type but how I was surfing internet I find out title ,,oversized,, . Google help me find out even more design of simple t-shirts that I really liked. I try to find something similar here in Slovakia but there was nothing like that, it was all just foreign webs like, , and lot of others brands focused on oversized fashion. Then first thing that comes to my mind was an idea of some similar design t-shirts with simple cuts and shapes.

Focusing attention

The most of my attention I try to gave into quality of material, which I want to have on the highest level. T-shirts with the same design were in lot of stores but I know that their t-shirts are not in the quality that I want to have it. And this is my biggest benefit nowadays , it is covered by brand TheG Clothing.

What happened before launching

Managing simple designs is like a drop in the ocean. What was all before launching the sale was ... Finding suppliers of clothes, what was a big unknown for me at the beginning because I did not know what kind of material, what kind of composition I need and I only had the idea written on the paper. It took a couple of months and about a million emails sent. However, as you may know, I have not received a lot of emails with asnwers. Mail communication did not work out, so I paid attention to the metro shops around us.

Our first experience

I can’t even remember first materials but I think it was cotton what is the worst thing that can be. But In this time I don’t know so many information than I know nowadays so I was an easy target for sellers. When I bought my first meter ( it cost 10€ per meter ) I thought it will be great because automatically what is expensive is quality but the opposite was the truth.

We need a tailor

Material would not be a problem anymore, because we had it. However, we needed a tailor. I did not know how to sew, or any of my friends, so I had to look for a competent and skilful tailor. There was not a lot of advertisements because there was not much attention paid to this sector and so I had to try to reach only those I found. It was about 10 people that I found so I gradually began to address them with hope of looking at my suggestions. Half had fallen off because they were accustomed to the classical one-needle classic that suits them because they did not have to develop extra energy. Of those 5, there were 2 left and worked on the 2 needle machines that were needed to realize my ideas.

When everything fits together

The first samples saw the light of the world and, as I expected, they did not look as good as on the paper. I had to look up and again I decided to go online and find suitable suppliers there. I found one from the Czech Republic and I hoped to have a business partner also in Slovakia. We had meeting and they showed me stuff that looked better than what I found in stores! Then a friend of mine recommended me a tailor, who has devoted herself to fashion for a long time. I went to see her and fortunately, she understood my idea of what I want, and it worked better when you have someone who understands you, can appreciate you. We put together our first collection and in a few days it was in the world.

Forming the TheG´s brand name

Around 2015, I gave the brand a final appearance called TheGentlemens, which has been developing over time to the present. Why TheGentlemens? Because I wanted to leave a bit of gentleman's style in my designs, making them really simple, clean and easy to combine with other parts of the clothing. As I mentioned earlier, I wanted to be different than other designers. I built the brand pillars on quality.

Open to home market

The year 2018 brought a definite change and my focus on the domestic market. I defended myself, thinking that the Slovak market was not ready to spend so much money for clothing. I still think it this way. Well, as the brand grows, I've hired some people and we've created a quality-tasting campaign for you to get a lifetime guarantee for all products. Well, and since we've been working for a few years, we know our products are better than 80% of your wardrobe. The greatest praise we receive in particular are the T-shirts. That's why we've added an option to get one T-shirt for free when you order something.

Because one is never enough!




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