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TheG Logo | From sketch to embroidery...

Posted on March 14 2018

What do you imagine under the word ,,brand‘‘? Is it a name? A logo? Influencers? Material? Or is it a designer or?

Probably no one can imagine, when creating a brand, how will its logo look like in its final form. Until it reaches its final form, it will undergo many changes. Millions of discarded papers until the final form of the logo is created and it still does not have to be final. The same was true in our case, when we were wondering and drawing and drawing, and the logo was nowhere. As you know, we established our brand in 2015 and we named it TheGentlemens! The very first logo we officially launched looked like this:

This was the first logo that represented us before starting the eshop on our blog. As soon as we started the e-shop, we decided to use only the first letter G and the whole name of the logo was moved below it, so it looked like this:

First Logo

Our very first design:

With our e-shop, we also made a few boxes for easier transfer to customers and we wanted to differ from our competitors. They looked like this. However, they are no longer used today.

If you love what you do and spend all your time by doing it, there are always new ideas. Sometimes, and it's not just in my case, it can happen, that you have lots of ideas in your head, but nobody will ever see them. You may remember them sometimes, but the the world is evolving so fast, and not just in fashion, that these ideas would sometimes be unrealistic and unfashionable at the end. The same goes for the logo. At the beginning, I wanted to change it a hundred times. The time has passed, and I had to leave the idea of changing it again. We dropped the name and only the letter G remained. This type of the logo was used the most and we started placing it on the back of the clothing and it was a woven label. We did not use this form for a long time. To be honest, I did not like it. Nowadays, the brand which is called Sixth June uses this type of the placement of the logo. After some time, we decided to embroider the logo. The location remained the same on the back bottom of the clothing. Later, we updated it in a way that we pre-embroidered the logo on a piece of a material and then we sewed it on the clothing. E.g. this type of embroidery has remained the same with cardigans.

New idea

We used this type of logo until recently. Before Christmas, we decided to change it a little bit, because it was a little bit complicated to embroider the "the'' on the thin materials from which we produced the T-shirts. We slightly enlarged the lines and, overall, we thickened and put them in the circular shape, because previously it reminded the oval shape. Today it looks like this:

Christmas change

Even though it is a small detail, much has changed. It was much better to embroider it and it looked great on the final product, especially on the T-shirts. This is the final version of the logo that is used today. Since its inception, after more than 2 years, it has undergone four changes and we are already preparing a new form that will be even more sophisticated and even more perfect. I strongly believe it will be our final logo. Sometimes it's not very good if the logo changes a lot. People quickly get used to things and this change does not have to be positive for all of them. In our case the logo did not change a lot, the base has remained the same from the beginning. However, when talking about the new logo that we are preparing, it will be totally different. We are going to change it from the bottom and give it a new style. The brand will of course remain the same but the logo will change to 99%. However, we believe and hope you all will like it. You will be informed about the news continuously. The new logo should see the light of day with the new upcoming collection and is going to look like this:







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